Friday, November 30, 2007

Homeschooling Teens

There are days when homeschooling isn't all it's cracked up to be. This was one of them. It's hard to homeschool when you have a headache - and the teenager is being....well, you know, a teenager!
Grumpy, moody, difficult, uncooperative - did I mention grumpy?

Math, that awful villain, plays havoc with our day everyday - but today was exceptional. Having never conquered long division, we had a wrestling match getting through 20 four and five digit division problems. Yes, they take awhile. Yes, there might be some correcting you need to do if your guesstimate is off. Yes, your mother insists you do your own work. Poor child.

Dare I follow that up with other expectations? Well, of course, what kind of teacher would I be? So the day proceeded with history she could care less about, beginning research on her Semester Research Paper, gym time, chores, a trip to the library to pick up our next literature study. Not a lot, and she even got Free Reading what's so tough about that?

Apparently, quite a lot. Sigh.

Well, so today wasn't a winner. We've had a few that were, so I'll cherish their memory.