Tuesday, August 19, 2008

When is Japanese Beetle Season Over?

By the looks of our garden, I'd say NEVER! What with these beetles?? We've treated, we've picked and drowned, picked and drowned and treated - and still they're out there by the millions (oh, ok - maybe a FEW less). It's exasperating!

Besides these little critters, the garden is beginning to look a little worn for wear. We need to start looking for plants that will be better season extenders. We've tried mums and asters - but like I've said before the little squirrels love them, and they're gone....again.

To make matters worse, both the hubby and I have been fighting the "dreaded gamboo" for the last 2 weeks and haven't felt much like getting out there. We both managed to get allergic rhinitis, followed by bronchitis - with mine bordering on asthma. It sounds like a tuberculosis ward in here, not to mention our son thinks we should quarantine ourselves. Hmmph....we ARE quaranteed - in OUR home. Go get a motel or con someone into letting you stay at there place 'til this is gone! Kind, aren't I?

Talking about squirrels. We've had a "newbie" on the block for the last several weeks. He's a cute little bugger. Curious.We actually caught him several times, standing on his hind legs with his paws on the window, looking in. It looked like he was trying to watch TV or see what I was reading. He wouldn't let us get his picture like that, though. If you can see the feeders behind him, he's been diligently examining them from every perch and angle he can manage to attempt robbery. So far, he's been put off.

Please be praying for a young father named Heath. He has cancer. From the sounds of it, it's very similar to what we watched our sister-in-law go through last year. He's having one complication after another. Heath and his wife Randi have two small boys. They have great faith, and believe God can heal. Be in prayer for him especially at the moment, he's just had a transfusion this morning, they hope to be able to do a simple surgery tomorrow that would help him get rid of over 40 lbs of water - which is making him very uncomfortable.

Well, tomorrow is assessment day. The pile of work needed to show our assessor is stacked and waiting to go. What a lot of work that was! I've got most of the supplies I need for September, and most of my general plans are written out. So, here's to another, and Senior year of high school!

We're still enjoying some pretty colors. Our clematis, unfortunately, have taken a real hit from what looks like black spot. But the cone flowers, black-eyed susans, baby's rose blanket, and the "tall, purple stuff" (can't remember the name) is still looking great. The grasses in the back, and over by our house are beautiful this year.

PS - 17 down


Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Connie. Enjoyed photos of your garden and the squirrel. He seems kind of curious about you;)

In my rural area, Japanese beetles aren't gone until mid September (later every year).

Happy @ Home said...

Pretty garden you have there.

We usually have a terrible seige of Japanese Beetles in July. This year I hardly saw any. I'm afraid they must all be in your area. They sure can cause a lot of damage.

I hope you and your husband are feeling better soon.