Monday, April 6, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...

Outside my window... it is snowing! April 6th, and my flowers are coming up, the trees are leafing out, and it's near freezing and snowing. Sigh.

I am thinking...tomorrow is Senior Pictures and some of the pics are to be outside. Umm...I didn't want it to be in her old winter jacket!!

From the learning rooms... zooming toward the finish!! Just 2 more chapters of American Government, some more English review, and another book report or 2.

I am thankful for... the good things still happening in spite of the economy, jobs, continued crime and horrible illnesses. I'm thankful that our pooch is still with us!! Almost lost him Thursday night.

From the kitchen... I think we will do a chef salad with chicken, swiss cheese, lots of fresh veggies, and light ranch dressing - and maybe some rolls.

I am wearing... caught me again! Still in my pj's - late other excuse.

I am reading... Exodus, Psalms 50, 51, and 52, and Mark. Have you ever noticed in Exodus how many times God says "If you will......I will?" Have you ever noticed how often he extends new promises even after Israel disobeyed again? He forgives and forgives and forgives. I know He'd rather we just obey..there is such blessing in that. But I'm thankful He remembers we're imperfect, sin-bent, humans - and extends grace and mercy.

I am hoping... for a change in the weather for tomorrow. Something above45 and sunny would be nice.

I am creating...a mess in my scrapbook area as I have started dd's homeschool scrapbook. 5 pages done!

I am hearing... the furnace going. Not that that's a pleasant only reminds me that it's cold enough I need to run it!!

Around the house... something smells like plastic heating up. We've been through every room trying to track the smell down - and no such luck. Pray we figure it out!

One of my favorite things... is writing and blogging. I have enjoyed this so much!

A few plans for the rest of the week... Sr. Pictures if the weather cooperates tomorrow, some shopping at Hobby Lobby, volunteering at church, and Good Friday service.

A picture to share...
Petey, aka "Baby", just a few days before he nearly died! He looks so good here - but he barely moved just 2 days later! He had a severe liver infection which was also affecting his gall bladder. They have not yet ruled out liver cancer. Petey is 14.


Mrs. Shields said...

i am grateful petey is doing well now - he certainly is a charmer!

ceekay said...

Oh need to get better!! Your mommy needs you to help her find the flowers out there in the snow!!! Pretty soon it will be warm and sunny and you can sunbathe outside!!

Connie said...

Trust me, Petey IS feeling better. He's back to being a stubborn, disobedient, sassy, lovable 'ol mutt.
The medicine has really turned him around. Yes!....I think.

He has the grumpy 'ol man syndrome. He can cop quite a 'tude! He decided he didn't want to go out last night after the tornado warnings - and just laid down as flat as possible and wasn't planning on moving! He's back.

Kim W said...

SO GLAD Petey is doing better - especially at 14. Wow. Our Hickory had just turned 10 when he had to be put down from liver cancer last January - the day before Jasper's b-day. I still think of him everyday - and the girls where telling me that they do, too. Even as much as we love Maggie. You know how there are simply 'some' pets that you have that you loved and you will remember the rest of your life? That's Hickory for us.

HEY! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Easter!!

Blessings, Kim<><