Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Well, it's Thursday already! The topic selected for today is "What are the riches right before our eyes."

As I look out the window, and even though it's raining, I see the glorious colors of Fall. The trees have beautiful, rich, yellows, gold, browns and reds - like jewels. We are rich when we think of all the things God created simply for our enjoyment.

I am rich because I have more to feed my family than most of the people of the world have for a month. Others make do with so little, and here in America we go to grocery stores that have more types of cheese than someone from Swaziland has in total food choices!

I live in a modest, somewhat small ranch, but my children each have a room, we have a wonderful kitchen, a bath and 1/2, a great living room and even a three-season room. Think of all the people in the world who share an apartment with their entire extended family, or who's only shelter is a hut with a corrugated tin roof. That should make me feel rich.

I am rich, because I have a wonderful husband, two great kids, a wonderful set of parents, two great brothers and a sister-in-law, and a lot of extended family. There are those who are without family, and feel detached from almost everyone. I am rich in love and security.

But most of all, I am rich because I'm a child of the King, and He owns the cattle on a thousand hills, He created the universe, He made the stars, there isn't anything created that doesn't belong to Him. If I had nothing else, I would STILL be rich!

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