Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bloomin' Tuesday at the Sheppards

We're apparently experiencing Ohio's version of the Monsoons. Raining and raining and raining some more. I can't complain though, this area was down quite a bit from the amount of rain we usually get.

We have three different kinds of Weigela blooming right now. They are all beautiful. The top pic is of the Variagated weigela. I don't know the name of the second, or third. The third one has beautiful colored flowers, not to mention gorgeous, dark leaves.

We've tried to grow fern along the north side of our house to no avail. They are still there, but they're puny looking. This is a painted fern, and it's growing on the west side of the house in a dappled light - and seems to be thriving. Who knew?

Clematis are some of our favorite flowers. This one is new just last summer, and has almost a tulip shape before being fully open. It's growing like crazy!

This one gets flowers the size of a dinner plate! I love the purple with the reddish veins. It's stands out (or should I say, it's outstanding in it's field?) Well, field or my yard...it's gorgeous.

This plant is a Black May Night, and we got it from our neighbor. It'll look good most of the summer.

This is my chuckle for the day. My 19 year old dd has never been much for the garden. She's weeded under duress if necessary. But an onion had sprouted in the pantry, and she decided to plant it. Well, as you can see....it's growing! She's asked around to find out what she should expect, she knows she won't get any onions from this - this year, but will be able to harvest the seeds for next year. She's bribed her father into planting onion seeds next year. Every couple of days, she goes out and checks to see how much it's grown. I thought that if I reminded her she doesn't like onion - and that what she grows, she eats, she'd lose interest - but she's unfazed! Wow, maybe we have a future veggie gardener here! (I wouldn't hold your breath - I think it's a passing fancy!)

If you're interested in seeing more garden pics, head on over to MsGreen"thumb"Jean, and enjoy the view!


Paula said...

Lovely blooms and I LOVE your fern! Mine took a while to grow - but they get a bit thicker each year - your's really does look great! Paula in Idaho

Jean said...

Connie, The Clematis is beautiful! Love the colors. We have been having rain also but we didn't get it in the early spring. Great Bloomin' Tuesday post. Jean

Marmee's Pantry said...

I need to take some pics of my returning herbs/flowers. To my surprise & delight, my dill & cilantro re-seeded!

My mom is a champion fern grower! Not all ferns like so much sunlight, when you're out in the woods, you'll notice many growing in the shadiest parts, at the bottom of trees. I suppose it depends upon the type of fern.

Blessings, Kim<><

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Your clematis is fantastic...I lovce those!