Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday's Fave Five for March 11, 2011

It's been a while since I've posted an entry to Friday's Fave Five, I've missed it. So I'm taking some time to participate today, and you can too, at Living to Tell The Story

We're in the midst of turning a bedroom into an office. So a lot of my favorites have to do with that this week.

1. Consignment shops!! We found the neatest old bookcase for $60 at a consignment shop near where we live. It's a Spanish style bookcase, and we're really not into Spanish, however, we're going to take off the big brass pulls, paint the whole thing black, and put some modern nickel or glass knobs on it. That should update it a bit. The shelves are really wide, which will be great for my scrapbooks and scrapbook paper. I'd show you a pic - but I don't get it til Saturday, and I forgot the camera when we went shopping.

2. Sunny east windows. I'm SO looking forward to the light that comes into my office space. I currently face west, and there's no window except a southern one that on a sunny day provides great shadows - right over my computer screen.
Nice east window, room in disarray with furniture refinishing projects!

3. Resourcefulness. We decided our original near $2,000 make-over plan was just not the best use of God's money. So we went on a household goods hunt. The current cabinets I use could just be moved into the new office. My old high school desk could be refinished and used for office supplies, a pie safe in need of a few fixes, could be fixed, refinished, and used for scrapbook supplies. Our $60 really tall, Spanish style bookcase can be refinished and updated, and be used for scrapbook supplies and whatever else needs stored. We bought a workspace table from Ikea for around $60, and my current desk will become my scrapbook table. Our one bigger expense was the new area rug - which we splurged on for $240.00. Well worth it, because I love it!

Covers more of the floor then I intended, but the next size down was too small!

4. Crockpots. This has been a handy tool. Hubby works all day, I work most of the day - even though from home, so our only time to work on the room is in the evening. Crockpot gets started with a nice meal first thing in the morning - and voila...supper at 5:30. I love my crockpot.

5. Hubby. He's my favorite person most of the time, but especially these last couple of weeks. He and I both struggle with arthritis...but every night, he's been working away after working all day. He takes his meds, and goes to work. He's so excited about the way things are turning out - which helps him stay motivated, and I am enjoying the outcome.

Well, those are my favorite five things (or person) for the week. What about you?


ellen b. said...

Hi Connie,
What a lot of hard work. I love to think outside the box and find bargains instead of full price new items. Good for you for finding some good alternatives for your office. Crockpots are my friend, too. It's so great to smell the wonderful aromas all day long. Have a great weekend.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I love that rug! And I do love a bargain -- it's so much more fun when you find one. Sounds like you two are having fun crafting your space. Neat.

Have a great week ahead!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I love watching a room come together. Have fun with it! I'm sorry you and your husband suffer with arthritis. My lupus gives me achy joints, and it's just awful sometimes! I'm glad yo found such nice things, and are finding great uses for what you already have. I look forward to seeing your finished office! Oh, and yes! Crockpots are the best!!!

Karyn said...

I hope you come back next week and show us a photo of the progress on your room! The hard work will be worth it, I'm sure.

Hope you are able to spend many happy hours creating in there!

Susanne said...

I loooove that rug! Looks like the room is coming along really nicely and soon you'll have a lovely new office. Bargain hunting is fun and it's really neat when with a little hard work a room can totally come together.

And I love my crockpot too. Couldn't live without that thing. LOL.

Brenda said...

I love the rug you picked out! I've looking for a new one too and they are quite expensive. Maybe I'll have a picture of my new one on a future post. I too am very thankful for crockpots, I use mine all the time.