Monday, December 17, 2007

Getting My Feet Wet....or

Drowning! I am working on my apprenticeship. I enjoy doing the assignments, but it makes me a nervous wreck. Did I do it right, am I getting everything done? There are loads of places to get help - our VA class has a discussion forum we can go to. There are all kinds of wonderful teaching sites. One could spend all day finding information to help with Excel, or create a blog, or on time management. Spend a little time researching and you can learn just about anything you want online.

I'm also finding that the person I am apprenticing with has loads of information to help me too, and not just with being a VA - but in helping homeschooled students adventure into the world of entrepeneurship. There is so much out there that kids can learn to do. My dd is an artist, and I've been given some pretty neat ideas already on things she might do to use her talents and abilities.

So I've done a spreadsheet in Excel, set up a group, and begun to do a little research. I always have to learn things the hard way, so it takes time to accomplish every task - but hopefully that will allow me to remember things better for the next time.

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