Friday, December 14, 2007

Homeschooled Junior counting days to Christmas Break!

I have to laugh. My dd is 17, but when it comes to Christmas Break, you'd think she was 6. "How many more days, mom?" What, no calendar? She can count them as well as I can. We're down to 3 and the annual bribery event is taking place. "Mom, if I do all the housecleaning for the holidays, can I stop school today?" "Mom, let's make Monday the last day, we could go shopping on Tuesday." The best one is - "Mom, you look tired, maybe we should just give you some extra time off next week."

Funny child. No, dd, we are doing 3 more days. I scheduled everything to come to an end on Tuesday...end of a chapter in Biology, end of a book for Literature, end of notetaking for your research paper. That's when we'll stop, not a day sooner. (Mom is not much of a negotiator.)

I must admit though, it takes great fortitude on my part to keep going. It really is tempting to take a break a bit earlier. I am SO looking forward to a break. Even though, technically, it's not halfway - it kinda feels like it is. It gives me a chance to breathe a sigh of relief and tell myself - halfway through, we can do this, we're doing fine, just a few more months. Trust me, by April, it will be more like...just 5 more weeks, 3 days, 6 hours, 22 minutes.

We have accomplished a lot so far this year. Besides the usual requirements we steadily work on, Kaitlyn took a Basic Drawing class at the Dayton Institute of Art. She did a fantastic job. I am really proud of her accomplishments. I daily pray God will grant us wisdom in directing her to the right use of her talents.

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