Friday, December 14, 2007

Things I've Learned...and need to Learn

Well, my first few days as an apprentice are behind me. I haven't had that much to do yet - but what I've had to do has already been a challenge. The Excel 2007 spreadsheet has been a bit of a bear! Did you know that Excel 2007 Docs cannot be opened in Google Docs - currently? I did not until yesterday! Google Docs needs to get a move on!

I learned that I can really make a mess of formulas in Excel. Obviously, some hands on training would be helpful. If someone could sit down with me and tell me how to do things while they're sitting beside me, things would stick in my brain.

The biggest thing I'm beginning to understand is that I'm going to have to be more organized, use my time wisely, get up a little earlier and get stuff done around the house. This will be my greatest challenge.

What better way to educate oneself, though, than through trial and error. I learn best when I do things for myself, make mistakes, and have to figure out how to correct them. Since I've made a lot of mistakes this week, great learning must be happening!

Thankfully, my "boss" Sharyn, seems to be very patient. Thank you, Sharyn.

All in all, it's a great experience.

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