Monday, December 3, 2007

Life Skills teaching dilemma

Teaching life skills is something every parent needs to teach whether homeschooling or not. Some parents do it naturally, others (like myself) sweat over each detail. Even my oldest (27) still struggles with handling finances. I worked with him on how to keep a checkbook, warned him about the danger of depending on ATM's to tell you how much you have, what were good buys vs. a waste of money. None of that seems to have sunk in, though. So now, as I'm working with my daughter - I'm working overtime to attempt to instill good financial skills. She's starting with a strike against her in that she still doesn't reliably add, subtract, multiply and divide! She really is math-challenged. So how does one teach financial skills to someone befuddled by simple math? I'm not asking this as introduction to sharing my best kept secrets - I'm ASKING!! Sigh.

Well, while I'm waiting on someone's wonderful insight and wisdom...have a really good Monday morning. Yes, I said a really good MONDAY morning. That is not an oxymoron.

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