Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas memories

Just strolling down memory lane during dinner tonight. I remember family Christmas parties - do people still do that these days? I remember my Grandpa handing out silver dollars to the grandkids - the kazillion of us. And the food! Pies, cakes, cookies, bars, pop, ham, scalloped potatoes, jello salads. Hmm, none too healthy I guess - but what pleasant memories. I remember my Grandpa singing Silent Night in German, Grandma sitting there watching her family as she twiddled her thumbs.

Then there was dad's family. They argued, made up, argued again...but I'd give anything to experience it again. The kids played pool at my aunt's house, when grandpa was still alive - he'd play Santa. And of course, the food.

How about Christmas Eve services - I remember one particular year we went to a little Lutheran church with my Grandpa for a late evening service. It seemed so peaceful, quiet, reflective. Very meaningful.

Those were good memories. Memories I wish my kids could have had. We make our own memories now, but I still think of those time with a great deal of nostalgia. I miss them....not just the events - but the people - some now in heaven, many so far away we never see them. If you're reading this and you remember too....say hi!

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carolyn said...

I too remember the silver dollars and the food, the german Christmas songs and twiddling of the thumbs. Those are precious memories. How do we impart the importance of them on our children? Haven't figured that one out. I remember going home from that wonderful family party and hiding on the hump of the back seat so Santa wouldn't see me out so late. He obviously didn't mind because there was always something special under the tree. No it wasn't a $400.00 play station or a motorized car for a 3 year old. Usually a doll and maybe some new crayons! How underpriviledged we were. Stockings didn't have numerous gift cards, they had an orange, apple, maybe a chocolate santa and nuts. But we were rich! How thankful I am to have been part of that family and YOURS!!!