Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Questions than Answers!

As I'm learning about EBay, and blogs, and becoming a VA - it seems like I keep adding more questions to my list. For example....what is a Feed, as in RSS Feed? How do I get more ads on my Blog? How do I get people to come to the blog?

When you want to set up an auction for you have to set up a separate auction for every item you want to sell? How do you know how to set prices and shipping?

How can you become an affiliate for someone, and how do you know a good one to affiliate with?

Should you have extra protection for your computer when you're doing work from the computer?

Well, my list could go on, and on. I guess it's time to do some googling. If anyone out there has some input on these particular questions...let me know.

Everybody got their Christmas shopping done, presents wrapped, dinner menus selected?
Just a couple more days!

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