Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Staying Optimistic

I am suddenly bombarded with assignments. It's a little overwhelming! Ok, so it's a LOT overwhelming. Everything is brand new and has to be learned from scratch. I was kind of hoping things would move into some routine as I went along, and that I'd be doing some things again and again - you learn better that way!

However, I am now learning about Facebook, My Space, Web2.0 sites, page rating.....and the list goes on. This is ok! It'd be great if I didn't feel under pressure to get things done in a timely fashion. So suddenly, I feel a bit depressed.

Then my pastor inadvertently came to the rescue. He's preaching a series that eventually will take us through the entire Bible - in time. Right now, we're in Exodus. Remember the story of Moses? In short and in my narrating style, he was born during a time when the Pharoah of Egypt wanted to murder Jewish boy babies, mom hid him a while - then stuck him in a basket to float down the Nile where the princess of Egypt found him. He was raised in the palace, saw how the Jews were treated - eventually murdered an Egyptian soldier and found himself on the run. He ended up in the desert, married Zipporah, and ended up "shepping" for a living. (I love that term, Pastor used it on Sunday). While "shepping", he came across a burning bush...and found himself in the presence of God. God gave him his assignment, and here's where I started feeling the pinch - Moses wanted to turn away from the opportunity. He complained, he made excuses, he whined.

The gist of Pastor's point was, don't walk away from opportunities God presents you. So now, here I am - faced with all these multiple tasks, and I'm whining and complaining. God however, has given me this opportunity, and it's time to just be optimistic. If God wants me to do this - He'll give me the answers to my questions, the time to get it done, and the ability to understand what it is I'm doing. So onward and forward.

Take note, I added a website for you to go visit when you've got a moment. Just click on it in my blog description and it will take you to a great site.

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