Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday, I was ready to quit. However, I decided to not flee in the face of an opportunity. I asked for help, I took a "can do" attitude, and weathered the storm.

I checked out Facebook and Squidoo Lenses today. Both are interesting, but I really enjoyed touring Squidoo Lenses. I believe that I can even use it to my advantage personally - not just looking for things as part of my apprenticeship assignment.

I downloaded a timer today. Seems you can find just about anything on the internet! I needed a way to count down the time I spent online for my apprenticeship. No problem. There are all kinds of timers online. I found one that used the KISS method, which suited me just fine.

Homeschooling still requires an adequate amount of my time, and working around it, doing the usual household tasks, running errands, AND working at this apprenticeship has taken some adjustment. Checking out how much time I spend on it became important. Being organized is going to be important if I'm going to be a VA professionally, so I'm trying to learn that ahead of time.

It's a bitter cold evening here in Ohio, with what looks like some "weather" heading our way overnight. An afghan, my housecoat, and maybe a cup of hot chocolate sounds like a plan for the rest of the evening.

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