Monday, January 28, 2008

Continuing to Learn!

One thing I'm discovering! There is never a point when you've totally learned your job as a Virtual Assistant. I am now venturing into the world of article creation. I have yet to start, but it sounds like I'd best find some creativity.

It's been a little slow the last few weeks - one apprenticeship is winding down, and I'm beginning to work with another site owner. Hopefully, I'll get to do more this next couple of weeks.

Homeschooling my dd has begun to be problematic. I really am despairing of knowing how to help her prepare for the work world, to become independent at some point in her future. Her learning disabilities are a huge problem. Math skills are elementary at best, writing skills not much above Jr. High level - if that. It's not her fault - but now that she's 17, how does she work? There are only so many jobs in the area for high school age kids...and usually they involve counting change back at some point. Her efforts to learn that reliably have been futile. She still doesn't get it.

One thing I do know. God created her. He has her life completely planned out. I know that He has only good intended for her. So, though I don't see the future, and feel frustrated as a parent...I know things will work out.

I'm awaiting some input from someone who might have some suggestions to help her. It will be interesting to hear what they have to say.

If anyone's interested - there's about 63 more days of cold weather left. That's really not the 1st of Spring or anything...just the point at which Ohio usually doesn't get the bitter cold anymore. I know...I've got it bad.

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Darrell A. Williams said...

Keep fighting th good fight. From one homeschooling virtual assistant to another, I know it can be hard but it will all be worth it in the end.