Sunday, February 3, 2008

Working With a New Site Owner!

Well, for the last part of my apprenticeship, I will begin to work with a new site owner. She's doing a site that will encourage parents of children with learning disabilities. I am excited about that - as I can relate to parents in this situation. Our dd has learning disabilities.

These last few weeks have been challenging. I'm still in the "everything" is new stage. I'm hoping just once I'll get the opportunity to do something twice! I learn best when things happen over and over again.

Homeschooling dd during this period of time has been challenging, too. I am increasingly concerned about her abilities in dealing with the real world. There are a lot of things to take responsibility for. That has been my goal this year, to show her what responsibilities are hers - and help her move into them with confidence. It's been tough, because there is still a part of her that wishes to remain a child.

That stress of knowing I need to continue the push toward her maturity, as well as pushing myself to learn new and often times challenging things, kind of moves into overload at times. However, I know that God is able to see me through all this. He has led me to take on these challenges - so He'll provide a way for me to get through them as well.

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