Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February Fiasco!

First, the hubby got sick with all the upper respiratory stuff - maybe the flu. Three days later, I got sick with multiple -itis's: sinusitis, otitis, allergic rhinitis, and bronchitis - with a little bronchial pneumonia for added fun. A few days later, both son and daughter came down with it. Now, 2 weeks later, three of the four of us are still coughing and sputtering.

School in our town has been down three days in the last 2 weeks due to the weather - and the promise to my daughter when we started homeschooling was - if they're off, you're off. It actually worked to our advantage this time, as we were both sick.

The VA apprenticeship suffered a bit during that time, since I couldn't even think straight. I finally told her I needed the week off. It's pretty bad when you sit at the computer and start doing something, and a few minutes later, you realize you're just staring into space. Not much gets accomplished that way!

As for my assignment. I am working with Robin Dicks of It's been very interesting. Since my own dd has learning disorders, I'm finding out a great deal of information to help with some of the issues we deal with. I've been mainly interacting with people on her site to stir up conversation, and also doing research - hunting for material she can make available on her site.

Well, the 1-2" of snow we were supposed to get, is now up to 5" and it's still coming down. It's very cold. I think today feels like a "snuggle in with the afghan" kind of day!

About 40 more days 'til some spring like weather. Can't come too soon.

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