Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Been Awhile

Well, it's been a few weeks or so since I wrote. School is beginning to wind down...not that anything is completed yet - but we're just getting stuff done. I've been praying that dd would start to grasp the math concepts we're studying - and I do believe she finally getting it. She still doesn't like doing it, but at least she's figured out what she has to do and does it consistently.

As for Virtual Assisting - nothing happening. I was really hoping the people I trained with would start a service. I don't feel confident enough to go on my own, yet. I hate trying to "sell" my expertise when I don't feel much like an expert at this point. It's disappointing, and I keep hoping something will happen - but....

It's finally Spring. Yippee! Our life has turned to outdoor living. We're redoing and expanding the gardens, putting in some hardscaping - etc. I love it. I don't get to do as much of the work myself - as I would like. The old knee and ankle are just not cooperating. However, I love supervising!

The windows are open, the birds are chirping, the daffodils, vinca, and bleeding hearts are blooming. Ahhhhhh.

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ceekay said...

You should put pictures of your beautiful garden for the world to see. You have definately got the gardening touch! Love ya, ceekay