Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sorrow Unfolding Before Our Eyes

It's so difficult to watch people destroy themselves. You wish you could hold up a Stop Sign, or Turn Around sign - or something that would warn them they're on the path to destruction!
Good friends of ours - married a long time...Christians. Why would they let this happen to themselves?

What do you say to a friend that is doing things to destroy her marriage? What do you say to a friend who keeps his head in the sand?

It breaks my heart.

Our children see something is wrong. They are not living for the Lord. Our oldest says - "oh, I thought they were perfect. You mean these Christians are doing things they shouldn't? So what's the difference?" Wow. What can I say? We're just sinners - saved by grace. Not one of us is perfect. We still sin. But, from his perspective - what's the difference?

Their daughter. How will this affect her? She's not stupid. She must see things aren't as they should be.

So much damage. So much hurt. How can it be prevented? How can it be stopped? Lord, you can intervene. I ask You to grab hold of her heart. Turn her around. Be with them, Lord.

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