Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Gorgeous Spring Day!

It's been cool each morning the last week. A little too cool to go sit out on the patio - but great for drinking a cup of coffee while watching the birds outside the window. The sun is shining, all the birds are actively searching out the feeders. Yesterday, we even had a visit from the area's Pileated Woodpecker. Now mind you, I'm glad to see him. He's gorgeous. I like the fact that he enjoys our suet feeder. However, if he's going to be an occasional guest - I'd appreciate it if he'd follow the rules. NO HOLES IN THE TREE!! Not little holes.....gigundous holes!!

Well, anyway. It's a beautiful day that God has provided. How anyone could attribute the beauty and order of it all to some random explosion is beyond me.

We finally finished the front new garden bed. Here are some pics.

We've planted Jacob's Ladder, Dwarf Bleeding Hearts, Praying Hands Hosta, Painted Fern, and of all things StripTease Hosta (now how'd THAT get in there?). All seem to be doing well.
It really adds a punch to the front of the yard.

I'm pretty partial to the Hosta. Hosta is so easy to grow, so easy to transplant, so forgiving!! I Love it. Gave some transplants away last week. Still have some more to give away in a few days.

Well, one more day of school!! And really, all that's left is the math final, and a typewritten final copy of her final paper. Then we're done!! Pray for us....job hunting is her next assignment. How do you get a job for a gal that can't add, subtract, multiply and divide reliably? No cash register for her....she's a nervous wreck around change, and not very accurate.

I wish I could find her a job doing something in art. She's so talented at that. Well, time will tell.
For is about to be HISTORY for a few months. Praise the Lord. We both need a break.

Have a good, beautiful, pleasant, successful, blessed day!!

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Anonymous said...

The new front bed looks great, Connie.