Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend Ritual

Ok, how do the storms know when it's the weekend? My hubby and are were hoping to plant two new roses by the arbor, and start digging that trench we need for the electric to run to the fountain. Now, it's supposed to start storming by evening tonight and through Saturday - at least.

Well, we'll do what we can tonight before they start. But what's the point of digging a trench to just fill it up with water? Think we'll have to wait on that.

Got some more pics I'm happy with.

To the right are some beautiful pansys that wintered over. They were prettier this year than when I planted them! Below is our Baby's Blanket Ground Cover Rose.

To the right is our new arbor and part of the backyard garden. In the middle is Variegated Weigela, and to the below is another picture of the backyard garden. You can see the Black May Knight flowers (actually purple!) showing up pretty behind the ground cover rose.

I am happy to report - HOMESCHOOL IS OVER for the summer. DD is ecstatic. What she doesn't yet know is that this summer has a schedule!! Job hunting, chores, exercise and a
cake decorating class (her choice) are still on the agenda. But I'll give her a few days, first!!


ceekay said...

Your flowers are so pretty Con...I wish I could see in person. By the way, you will have to tell me how you did that to notify me! Hope the weekend clears up for you.

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Lovely garden! Have a great weekend!