Sunday, June 1, 2008

Clematis Questions

Well, it stormed Friday night....actually, it was more like a light show with very loud sound affects! It shaked, rattled and rolled! But, it only stormed Friday night. It's finally dry enough today that hubby went out and planted the 2 new climbing roses. I hope they do well. We sometimes struggle with roses.

Anybody out there wise in the ways of Clematis? We planted a beautiful maroon or wine-colored clematis (lost the tag) last year. This year it's blooming and has beautiful lush leaves. However, at the base, which is shaded by pansies and hardy geranium, the leaves are yellow - almost a foot up from the ground. And the stems are brown and brittle. Now, I'm afraid if that keeps up, it'll be dead before you know it!! Any ideas out there? What might be wrong? Help us save our clematis!!

We're doing our thing to save on gas. We planned an errand day yesterday, and did a complete circle. Got Fulton Farm Strawberries (this seemed to be the same plan of half the population in Miami County), stopped by a friends to pick up stuff she ordered for me, went to the mall and picked up a birthday present for our DD. Heading back, we stopped to pick up medicine, and than stopped at the grocery store in town for left-over boxes (we use them for recycling our recyclables). It took all afternoon - but all our little errands are done in one fell swoop. So, while we used gas running all those - we aren't doing it again and again this week. At $3.94 a gallon (today), we gotta think of that stuff.

Summer has officially arrived as far as my husband and I are concerned. We've grilled out, and last night had our first Strawberries and Cream (Ice Cream). Now, summer is here. It won't be complete, of course, until we get real tomatoes for a BLT on sour dough bread!!

This begins the month of no rest for the weary. Tuesday is DD's 18th, Friday she's having her best friend over night, Sunday is an anniversary party for good friends. The next week my parents come from Florida for 3 weeks. Do I feel a tad stressed? Just a bit.

Thank goodness for the 3 season room, a comfy chair, and a restful garden to look at!

Blessings on you and yours!


ceekay said...

So what zone are we in? Sorry kiddo, had a clematis in Michigan once...but moved before I got to know anything about it. It sure is pretty though. We are doing the same circle run arounds...what choice do we have huh?

Jean said...

Connie, Not sure about the yellow leaves. The stems on mine that are from last year are brown tho. I'm excited that you want to join Bloomin' Tues. I put the post up on Mon night at 10. You need to sign Mr Linky every week you want to be involve. If you click the button on my sidebar it will tell you all the info. The only thing I ask is that you add a link to the list on your post. See you next week. Any questions e-mail me(address in my profile) Jean