Sunday, June 8, 2008

The heat wave continues!! You walk outside and it almost takes your breath away. They’re even warning people with asthma or other breathing problems (my hubby and I have asthma) to stay in! Yuck.

Well, I didn’t completely. I went and took some pictures.

For whatever reason, the Nelly Moser Clematis absolutely loves this weather. I’ve never seen so much growth as it’s made this year.

We had so many storms during the last part of the week that really blew stuff around. Some of my poor roses lost a lot of petals. Everything still remaining looks like it took a beating. The hardy geranium still hasn’t gotten back upright yet, the Wine and Roses Weigela lost the rest of it’s blooms – but they were fading anyway.

We need a cool down. Low 80’s and lots less humidity would be a real joy.

I know many all around are suffering the early August previews as well. Hang in there….I’m praying for cooler weather. Prayer changes things.

Well, my parents will be flying from Tampa to Detroit on the 12th, and drive from Detroit to our place here in south central Ohio on the 17th. They'll be here until the 4th. I think they were hoping they'd be escaping the Florida heat and humidity!!!

Back to spring (ok, early summer) cleaning tomorrow. Gotta get done!

Til then, happy gardening!

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