Thursday, July 10, 2008

Been awhile!

Well, after three and one half weeks of company (my parents), I am back to blogging a bit.

The garden has sure had enough moisture this year so far. Last year we were in drought, now this year - it's almost too much.

Right now, the poor garden looks like 'The Garden of Weedin". We're going to have to spend oodles of time pulling weeds. However, I'm thrilled with my lilies, the raspberries are doing great, the hydrangea looks beautiful, and my Rose of Sharon is almost ready to bloom. Yippee.

Here's a couple of pics from a couple of days ago:

Our white lilies, and the new Double Pink Cone Flowers.

The hydrangeas are huge!
One of my favorite lilies, and
finally the Shasta Daisies. And don't forget our favorite garden pest, Petey the Dawg! He has a particular need to taste the frogs. He doesn't like them, mind you...but he's absolutely sure they'll taste better next time! Happy Gardening!


ceekay said...

Everything looks so green and lush! Have fun weedin'!

Jean said...

The only bad thing about rain is the weeds! Everything looks beautiful!