Friday, July 11, 2008

Sauna City

Well, from the coolest temperatures in July I remember, back to July as we usually know it - STEAMY!

With all the wet weather we've had, and 3 and 1/2 weeks of company - the poor yard and gardens look bad. I went out and weeded the raised bed tonight, and the mosquitoes had dinner! They're fierce. Unfortunately, poor hubby is going to get stuck with quite a bit of the weeding for awhile as my knee and I are currently in disagreement with one another. I want to get out there, but there's not much I can do (except take pictures!).

I am SO excited. We planted this wee little Princess Diana Clematis in the spring. It was so small, I figure this year it wouldn't bloom. All my other clematis have come and gone - but Princess Diana just grew and grew leafy green leaves. Well, take a's about to bloom!
It's got at least 8 more little buds on it as well as this perfect little bloom. Yippee!!

The lilies were all just planted last year (except the Stella Dora - which I do not like! They look stubby.), and this year they bloomed like crazy.
The bottom picture shows a red and sort of an orange-yellow lily toward the back, next to some shasta daisies.

My Rose of Sharon has started blooming. Does anyone know if it requires feeding? I fertilized it when I planted it 3 years ago, and have added a little top dressing up until this year. This year I didn't get to it - and I don't know if that's the reason it seems a little sparse on blooms, or if it's the weather.

By the way, as a side daughter has hand picked and drowned 132 Japanese beetles!! And they haven't even begun to slow down!! Where do they come from?????

Tomorrow, I am determined to start scrapping again. I have not had a chance to just scrapbook to my hearts delight in many moons. Enough is enough. If I don't make the time, it just won't happen. My cousin has been giving me all kinds of ideas....and I want to implement them! By the way Carolyn, the card came and it was beautiful. Thank you. How do you cut such perfect circles shapes?

Each time I look at the garden, and see the new blooms, take pictures, scrapbook my garden pictures...I am constantly reminded of the creativity of God. He sure does beautiful artwork, doesn't He?


ceekay said...

Haha...faked you out....the circle came in a kit...I just cut the top off! I thought you would wonder about the way, check out tootsietime.blogspot....I think you will enjoy her garden. Have fun scrapping...oh, by the way...tag, you're it! Time to come up with something to send to me! We all need a challenge!

Happy @ Home said...

Hi Connie,
Thanks for stopping by for a visit. It's nice to meet a cousin of Ceekay's.
Your flowers look good to me and that clematis sure looks pretty. I hope you'll post a picture when it opens up.
Have a great week.

The Apron Queen said...

I remember pulling the japanese beetles off my Mom's plants when I was little. My sister & I would chase each other w/ them! :)

Come see my visit to Moody Gardens:

Connie said...

My daughter thinks she should get paid per beetle!! I'd go broke in one days picking! I'm sorry, I think I'd be the chasee, too. That's why SHE'S picking the beetles and not me.

Jean said...

Connie, I don't do anything to my Rose of Sharon. They haven't started to bloom yet. You did fine for Bloomin' Tues but your post wasn't up until evening. See you next week! Jean