Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Totally off the subject

Petey the Dawg

Petey the Dawg
the killer!
the sneak!
the sinner!!!

Our cute little dog, he's such a lovable thing. He's a people dog if ever you want to meet one. The whole neighborhood is crazy about him. If only they knew the other side of this mutt!

Do you remember the story of the Red Baron? I've heard stories of how he kept tabs on how many kills he had on the side of his plane with slashes. Don't know if it's true or not. However, it's an appropos story for Petey!! He has killed harmless little baby robins and baby cardinals, homeless kittens, possums, bunny rabbits, and last night a beautiful, bright, didn't-come-home-to-his momma, goldfinch. How come those people who say "oh, isn't he adorable" don't know this side of him??

Or how about the fact that the furniture in the 3 season room is off limits to him? We have tried all kinds of deterrents including putting chairs upside down on the couch. He sits there in front of the couch "thinking" of ways around this obstacle. On a few occasions he's managed. Or he waits for some opportune time when we might be a bit forgetful - and instantly takes advantage, finding a nice comfy spot with his head laid so sweetly on the arm rest!! Ha, sweet indeed!

But the absolute phenomenal quest to disobey has been getting into the garden area. Now mind you, I don't mind having had to spend the bucks to put up a fence around the garden area to keep him out. But what I do mind is that over this last season he has learned that hook and eye gate latches are no match for him. If he pushes hard enough, he can squeak through at the bottom!! Think of the thought process, and planning (he waits til nighttime to do this), the absolute pleasure in "sin"! He KNOWS better!!

However, the last laugh has been on Petey (at least for the moment). Once he gets into the garden area......HE CAN'T GET OUT!!! Trapped. Caught at his misdeeds. Found out. The other night my son came home from work on the afternoon shift, couldn't get to sleep, so went outside to the patio for a bit. He couldn't see Petey in the 3 season room, or in the main part of the yard. Petey heard him and came running to the gate nearest my son, crying and carrying on. The son gave him what for, let him out of the gate, and watched as Petey ran into the 3 season room, ran into his doghouse, ran to his water bowl and gulped it down, and then finally went to the far back of his doghouse and laid there panting. I think he really was relieved! He thought he was going to get stuck all night long! Chuckle, chuckle.

Now, I'm not one for theological debate. This is purely personal opinion. But even DOGS have a sin nature. Who would have guessed? Gotta love them.


ceekay said...

Oh, poor baby. Sounds like he needs comforting from mama on the big soft sofa!
Theologically thinking...John must be in stitches....
my Pepper will be there in Heaven to greet me...and that is Final!!
Have fun in your garden today....

ceekay said...

Way deep man....

Connie said...

Pepper must have gone to doggy revival then. Petey has yet to have been redeemed....either that or he's terribly backslidden.

Kim W said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Why didn't i know about this before? :-) Your pics are awesome. You'll have to teach me how to do that.

Petey is quite the character. Our dogs Hickory (who just passed at 10yo in January) and Maggie (the new 7mo puppy) know EXACTLY that they have sinned! As Hickory was older and pretty obedient, his transgressions were, thankfully, few and far between...but THERE'S a whole diffeent story. From ALL angles: she's a pup, she's female, she's a Schnauzer (Hickory was a Sheltie) w/a a COMPLETELY different personality and energy level. She's basically pretty good except for ONE reacurring bad habit and you know right when she has done it...she comes in a looks at you w/her head down. GUILTY!! Then, of course, we run around looking for the little "pile of transgression" (thankfully we use Iams!).

But...she's our baby and we love her. the play on the Our Gang dog w/the spot on his eye for Petey! :-)

Blessings, Kim<><

Roses and Lilacs said...

Poor Petey, he just isn't smart enough to hide his crimes.

It's hard to say if dogs understand right and wrong or if they simply live in the moment and have no impulse control;) Cute post!

Connie said...

Wow, a first has occurred! No one in 14 years of having Petey has someone caught on to his name. Yea, Kim!!!

That's a homeschool mom for you.