Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Artistry of My Creator

The more I visit my garden, and the gardens of others, the more convinced of God's creativity and artistry I become. I love the colors, the combinations, the shapes, the textures. I really can't think of anything about flowers I don't like.

So while visiting my garden in early evening last night while hubby was doing some pinching back and weeding, I got a chance to take some pics of what's blooming now.

The lilies, for one. They are beautiful. This was the first year of bloom for the regular lilies. We've had Stella Dora lilies for several years, but I'm not fond of them - regardless of how well they grow. They seem so stubby to me. Just personal taste. But the regular, gracefully tall lilies are a favorite.

The Rose of Sharon is so pretty. I was afraid we weren't going to get many blooms this year, but I was mistaken.
The Princess Diana Clematis is slowly opening up. The first bloom is fully open now. I am so impressed with this plants growth this year!
And not to be outdone, our Baby Blanket Pink Rose has these near perfect little rose buds - so much of the plant has been attacked by Japanese Beetles and doesn't look as beautiful - but I just couldn't pass up these little open buds.
So many things could dampen my spirits. The economy, the gas, the cost of food, the kids making choices that aren't too great, the kneecap bugging me, I'm easily tempted to complain. Then I take a walk through the garden, and spend some time thinking of all that God has done for me - creating these flowers for example, and suddenly it just doesn't seem worth complaining. God is good. Nothing surprises Him. He knows about each and everything we ALL face - not just me. He's in control.

Thank you for the garden, Lord.


The Apron Queen said...

Thanks for stopping by. Your garden is beautiful. You would enjoy Moody Gardens. Absolutely stunning. Thinking about having one of those pyramids built in the backyard. LOL.

Jean said...

Love your selection of lilies. They are all beautiful! Jean