Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sinus Valley

It has begun! Sinus season in Sinus Valley. The headache started Monday, the congestion by Monday night, ear ache, face pain, sore throat, then the $15.00 co-pay followed by the cost of the antibiotic for a sinus infection. Never fails. I know, every state (or country) has Sinus Valley somewhere. Fun, fun, fun.

The weather has been dry since the earlier deluge. Now, we could use some rain - and with the humidity increasing - the possibility exists. We're into maintenance for the most part. Hubby is overwhelmed with clover trying to take over. DD has been kept busy drowning Japanese beetles. We finally gave in and dusted for them - they seem to come in droves. The raspberries have finished producing (sob). So I prune back overgrown annuals and perennials, John weeds and trims, and waters if necessary. All in all, everything looks good.

It's hard to believe it's near the end of July already. Now, while I'm still perfectly content to spend the summer photographing, pinching back flowers, bringing cut flowers in - it's time to think about school...and not just another year of school - but the SENIOR year of school. Help!

Why is it that preparing for our last assessment, planning for the courses she needs, and stocking up on supplies is somewhat like going to the dentist this year? I'm struggling to get last years records together to meet with out assessor (bless you Ruthanne), haven't looked for materials yet - though I roughly know what we're doing, and by now would have made at least one trip to the Teachers Supply store south of here to look around. Guess I better get a move on!!

On top of that it's shopping for and buying a class ring (yes, she wants one), shopping for and doing the Senior Picture thing (I want them, she's not sure), planning a graduation ceremony of sorts and a party. Big year. Busy year.

Oh, and if anyone knows of a part-time job for a math-challenged Senior in the Miami County area of Ohio (preferably near West Milton), please let me know. That reminds me that she also needs to learn to drive...her 28 yr. old brother has volunteered to teach her. Hmmmmm, this could be interesting.

I think I'll go take a quiet stroll through the garden now. ;-}


ceekay said...

Hope you enjoyed your stoll. So sorry about your friend's husband. That is so sad. Talk to you soon.

Roses and Lilacs said...

We have two bad sinus seasons here. First in the spring with tree pollen. The second later in Aug and Sept when the rag weeds does its thing. Miserable.

Connie said...

Yep, that's the way it is around here, too. I usually have more trouble from late July to the first frost than I do in Spring - the hubby has more trouble in the Spring.