Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pray for a friend!

A homeschooling friend of mine, LaNelle lost her husband yesterday in an instant. He was riding his motorcycle yesterday morning when he was hit by a Cadillac. LaNelle and her husband had just recently found out they were expecting their fourth child.

Please pray for God's comfort, peace, and strength for LaNelle and her three children. Her children range in ages from about 6 to 15, with the new little one on the way.

It's a real wake up call. We do not know what tomorrow may hold for us, we make our plans and order our ways - but in the end, we have no control over life and death. Tell your children and your spouses you love them, kiss them, and hug them every day.

Pray for this family.

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ceekay said...

Connie, I haven't heard from you lately, but how is this family doing?