Thursday, January 29, 2009

365 Days a Year

January 27 thru 29
the Snow Storm and it's after affects! (note the squirrel thief)

Ok, enough winter now. I'm ready for Spring! It's cold, it's messy, it's confining....and it's pretty. Can't complain about everything.

School is back in session, the roads are back to being passable, no one's holding their breath waiting on loved ones to come home. All is back to normal...until next week.

Just thought I'd journal a bit about the past week. It hasn't been my best week of the year, but there's still a lot of year left, thank goodness. By the end of last week my stomach troubles from this diet I've been on were at a peak - I nearly went to the hospital. It was recommended I stop the supplement, and eat bland foods until I see my doctor - which I do tomorrow. I've talked to the office a couple of times, but tomorrow was the earliest to get in.

But while all that was going on, life went on as usual.

Monday, January 26
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I got an envelope from my cousin this week, with pictures and a tag she made that said "Memories" on the front, and "circa 1970" on the back. These were pictures of the craziest fashion show you ever did see, up in Lake City, Michigan. We were in my Uncle Ray's unfinished cottage, and it was mostly family, and a couple of friends. We had SO much fun. It was raining a lot that week, and we needed something to do...this was one of the events we created. I don't know if you can see it or not, but the picture in the middle, above the bottom one, is my cousin Darryl, in my Aunt Barb's bathing suit. What a hoot. Lots of fun.

Sunday, January 24th
This plant, my hubby bought for me last spring. It was huge when we bought it, so I transplanted and divided it. The other almost half is in our bedroom. Now, just months later, this is almost as big as it started out! It just won't quit! That's fine with me, it adds some color and life to the living room.

January 23
I know, a strange picture. If you could see the little circles on the side, you would see the top one is marked 32 ounces. I need to drink three of these a day!! I'm water-logged.

Well, that's another week in review. It's been interesting. I'm hoping this next week I'll feel better, the sun will shine, and it would be really nice if we could move up the temperature gauge a little!

January 22nd
This is cheating a bit, I know, but today is Ellen's birthday! This picture was taken at her daughter's wedding a few years back. But I wanted to say "Happy Birthday Ellen."
Today, I took over some carnations and a card I had made her. We've been through a lot over the years.

January 21

Doesn't he look mesmerized? There's gotta be something good in that cup!
Poor Petey. He's getting old. He barks all day, like - "well, I can't hear what's going on, so I'll bark just to be safe.", he gets confused, he's having a rough time getting his hind legs up and moving after sitting for a while. Now he's got a growth in his eye that will probably lead to blindness, and his ear has cellulitis in it - and if the antibiotic doesn't work to cure it - the ear may become brittle and die. (We could have surgery at an astronomical cost, but he might not live through the anesthesia.) Sigh. It's hard to watch.

Well, that's enough about my life. How about yours?


ceekay said...

Sorry your tummy is giving you problems. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it. Your plant looks great on top of the armoire. Talk to you to get that nasty test!

Kim W said...

What a great pic of Ellen! Isn't she the best? I just saw her tonight at a Saints' basketball game. Doggone, I wish I had known it was her b-day.

I know what you mean about your Petey. We lost our Hickory a year ago this month. He had just turned 10 years old. He had liver cancer, bless his heart. He was one in a million - I'm sure you feel that way about Petey. Now we have Maggie - you never realize how good and how well trained your old dog was until you get a puppy! Hahaha! But she has definately made her place in our hearts, too.

Stay warm!

Blessings, Kim Wolf<><