Monday, January 26, 2009

FOR TODAY (January 26, 2009)
Outside My Window it is snowing. Just little fluffy, sporadic snowflakes. It's pretty to look at, but it is SO cold.
I am thinking that Spring can't come too soon! Let's see, we usually don't get real cold weather after about 64 more days of this. My husband thinks that makes it sound way too far away, but I COULD count minutes.
I am thankful for a little relief from the constant stomach and related problems I've been having since starting this diet. That resulted in my stopping the supplements, and going to real food.
Apparently, the supplements and I are just NOT going to get along.
From the learning rooms, Kaitlyn is busy working on the last of her Everyday Math book at the moment. I need to find some good resource for an all over review of General Math for the next few months.
From the kitchen, my counters are clean, the dishes are done, the floor is swept. Hmm, the maid must have stopped by!
I am wearing a very loose pair of blue pants (almost to the falling off stage...guess I'll have to break down and try the next size down), and a yellow flower print top.
I am going to be creating some birthday and anniversary cards. I've got several events coming up, and it would be nice to have some done ahead of time. I love doing cards; I think it's a nice touch.
I am going to continue my diet - I just think it's going to have to be real food...something in those supplements, no matter whose they are, just tears me apart. Enough of that!
I am continuing to read "The God Who Cares" with my husband.
I am hoping that if it's going to snow, it snows enough that we could all have a day off. But, that's probably a bit ambitious.
I am hearing the furnace running. Man, it's noisy! It is older, and I think it must have a case of furnace arthritis or something. When it first starts up, it does this bang you might hear from a kettle drum.
Around the house, we finished the front hall closet, with the exception of finding a can or wicker umbrella stand and something to put boots on. It looks nice and clean.
One of my favorite things is to photograph the birds outside our window - whenever they'll stay still enough for me to do so. I got quite a few pics of them in the little quince tree, on the ground and at the feeders yesterday.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: This is going to be "doctor" week around here, and probably all on Wednesday. John sees our family doctor, the gastroenterologist, and the cardiologist. Kaitlyn and I hope to get into the family doctor the same day. Other than that, our plan is to keep warm, and hopefully not get snowbound.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
This little chickadee kept me amused for a bit. They're so much fun to watch.
One little seed, fly to a tree, peck the seed open, and eat. Back and forth.

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