Monday, January 19, 2009

FOR TODAY (January 19, 2009)
Outside My Window...the sun is shining. That makes me feel warm and toasty and upbeat.
I am thinking...that I better get busy and get a few things done this morning!! I finally feel a little better, gotta make the most of it!
I am thankful for...the medicine the Lord led the doctor to have me try. It made all the difference. The acid reflux, rumbly stomach, and other annoyances have all but gone away.
From the learning is Martin Luther King Day...we're enjoying a day off.
From the kitchen...I continue to use the supplements on this diet plan...nothing new or fancy or sweet is being made, much to the chagrin of my children (and hubby). But they are sticking it out with me.
I am pants, and a purple top I haven't been able to wear in awhile!
I am creating...a birthday card for a friend. Hopefully, it'll be finished and in the mail today.
I am start getting a little spring cleaning done. Sunshine makes me feel motivated!
I am reading... I am continuing to read "The God Who Cares" with my hubby.
I am hoping...that grandparents, friends, and family will continue to influence my children for the Lord. It's been a joy to hear my mother speak up about the Lord to my children and nieces and nephews. They need that!
I am hearing...The incessant barking of our old dog!! He's beginning to lose his hearing, he knows he hears something - but can't figure out what it is - so he barks....all the time!
Around the house...I've got a half dozen, maybe more, things that I need to try to post on EBay, or Craig's List. Gotta get this stuff sold and outta here!
One of my favorite to spend some time scrapping and not feel guilty about it! When does that happen?? Not often enough.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Grocery shopping tomorrow, the Doctor's Wednesday, another doctor Thursday, and if the weather cooperates - maybe a haircut Friday or Saturday.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

I know it's not Spring yet, but I am SOOOO in the mood. These little Grape Hyacinths are some of the first to bloom, and depending on the weather - may even start showing up last part of February. I can't wait!

Have a wonderful, warm, January day!

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Happy @ Home said...

Glad to hear the sun is shining and you are feeling better.

Love the picture of the grape hyacinths. My mom used to grow them in Michigan and they spread like crazy. So pretty.

Think Spring,

Kim W said...

Oh, Connie dear...I know what you mean about being thankful for meds for your reflux. I've been taking meds for mine for about 3 years. By the time I went to the Dr I couldn't even drink water w/o getting relux w/in 10 minutes. It was horrible. I also found out that it was the initial cause of some really bad back pain that I had suffered w/for YEARS. We had thought it was from where I had my epidural for my c-sections.

But I'm grateful that the Lord gives chemists the wisdom to formulate these meds. Glad yours are working, too.

Blessings from Ohio...

Jean said...

Very nice post! Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you for Bloomin Tuesday. Love the grape hyacinths. Jean