Sunday, January 18, 2009

365 Days a Year

Well, several days have gone by since I continued my little side journal.
I'm enjoying taking pictures of every day events. Sometimes, they're pretty mundane, others are of more interest - but still - it's all life as we live it.

January 9th

Kaitlyn working on school stuff. Her favorite subject - American Government (tongue in cheek) keeping her busy. Frankly, I don't know what she has to complain about. I never got to sit in a comfy rocker and do MY schoolwork!!

January 10

Yes, that's ice. Brrrrrr! It's gotten North Pole-ish. I need sunshine and a hint of color. Know where I can find some (within driving distance)?

January 11

In case you can't read the name on the prescription and little booklet - that says Premier Heart!! John decided I was bored and needed a little scare to liven things up. He has Acid Reflux, and after dinner - he started having trouble with it. He took some Tums, and when it began to settle down, he went to paint the closet in our living room. He started to climb the step-stool, mumbled something, stepped back down and kinda slowly moved to the rocker. He complained of pressure on his chest, uncomfortable breathing, and a rapid heart beat. My thoughts - call 911!!! His, no, no - just wait. It calmed down. So back up the step-stool he went to paint, got back down, dropped to the floor, crawled to the chair...that's it!!! 911!! He agreed. To the hospital we go (him by ambulance). His heart went beserk with atrial flutter - a type of tachycardia. They were nearly at the point of shocking him to get it back in sink before the medicine finally took over. They admitted him. No heart attack, no visible heart problem. Doc's medical reason for this occurance?? Bad luck!! Needless to say, he's seeing a cardiologist on the 28th. Ok...that's enough excitement. Thank You Lord for Your watch care over my hubby.

January 12

John, working on his computer....his idea of resting!! Work stuff - just what he needed. MEN!

January 13

The last Mohican...I mean poinsettia blossom. This is what remains of my beautiful arrangement. Frustrating this just didn't seem to last very long. However, this one remaining blossom is still very pretty.

January 14

First they said 1-3", then 2-3", than 2-4", than 3-5". Well, even I could have guessed right after that many guesses! 5" and bitter, bitter cold. We'd extend an invitation to all ya southern friends and families who are too cold where you're at (in the 50's and 60's), but we're at full occupancy right now!!

January 15

I told you some of these pictures would be mundane. What's the significance? My poor skin!! Winter gives me a bad case of itchy, dry skin every year (this has only been a problem since I turned about 45!). So I live on Suave hand lotions. This one is cocoa butter and smells less perfumy than most. My poor hands look all red and chapped...and I just keep piling on the lotion. Oh, for Spring.

January 17

Our 'ol Petey the Dawg. It's been so frigid out that we've been letting him a few hours a day. He could care less that it's cold, and that's a problem, because he spends way to much time out there on the snow. He could get frostbite on his paws. He has determined, apparently, that he is Alasakan Malamute!

January 18

Today, out the window, this little chickadee decided to pose for me. I got a couple of pics of him in various branches of our little dwarf quince tree. I love watching chickadees at the feeder. They take one little seed, fly to the nearest tree, lodge it in the bark, and peck at it til it opens the seed - and eats the kernel. Then he flies back, grabs one more, back to the tree...
Seems pretty labor-intensive!!

Well, we're mid-way through January already. The garden catalogues are coming by the armful, the weather is fit for Polar Bears and Penguins, the sun keeps running away, and people are counting the minutes until we no longer see temps under 35.

Have a good week!

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