Friday, January 16, 2009

Show and Tell

I was dusting my china cabinet today. It doesn't need doing a lot, because the glass keeps things relatively dust free. However, each time I clean it - I find myself reminiscing over objects that have made their way into the cabinet.

This is my all time favorite Precious Moment figurine. I have many, but this is one of the ones that holds the most memories. I received it as a gift after our foster baby, John Michael, died. The little girl is holding one little puppy, and in the box in front of her, is another. The words beneath say, "there's always room for one more." We were asked to take John Michael even though he had a fatal illness. They wanted for him to have a home, to be held, and cared for by someone who could love him, for the short time he'd be here on earth. So we bundled him up, brought him home, and held him, rocked him, tube-fed him...fell in love with him, and waited for the day his little body would give out. He lived 6 weeks. There was room in our hearts for one more, and than 5 months later, room in our hearts for yet another...when they placed a little brown-eyed, curly-headed 8 week old in my arms and said "don't get too attached, she's going home." Well, one - too late!!! I'm attached, and two - don't count on it...she WAS home, and now 18 years later, she's getting ready to graduate high school!! Yep, that's my favorite Precious Moment.

Isn't it pretty? These are my wedding flowers. I decided I wanted an artificial arrangement for my bridal bouquet. I've never regretted it. I love looking at it. About 2 years ago, I had someone tighten it all up for me, dust it good, and replace some things that had started to fall out. It looks just like new. 30 years and counting!!

This is one of our more recent additions to the china cabinet. They're probably worth a dime a dozen in Japan...but they were brought to us by someone from Japan and given as a gift of appreciation. I think they're kinda cute. I have no idea what the little Japanese writing on the gold tablets are - might be saying something bad for all I know!! One of John's Japanese co-workers brought this back for us when he went home to visit family.

Well, that's my show and tell for the day. Have fun this weekend. Visit for more Show and Tell!


ceekay said...

Wow, a S&T!!! I remember your precious baby. How sweet to have the PM. Remember those flowers too! They do look good after ALL those years!

Kelli said...

Thank you for sharing your special treasures with us, Connie!

Linda C said...

This is such a special show and tell- wow. What a sad, but sweet story and now your daughter is 18. What a sweet, sweet thing.

Your bouquet is still beautiful!

Linda C