Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine gift from my daughter!

Well, for Ohio, it's wonderfully warm! It's a bit gloomy and rainy - but I will definitely take that over cold and snow.

I'm a little concerned that my crocuses and hyacinths are going to be fooled into appearing. It really isn't time yet! They'll be sorry next week, if they do come up. Just once, it would be nice if I could see the crocus alive, instead of already spent before I get out there!

So, nothing much is happening in the garden yet.

But, I got something very special yesterday from my daughter. It's for Valentine's Day, she bought it all on her own - and really surprised me with it. She purchased a pretty bouquet in a pretty glass vase - walked to the florist, walked home with it - all without anyone knowing. Sweet.

It really lifts my spirits. The beautiful colors and greenery...and the loving thoughtfulness behind it.

Aren't they pretty? It just made me feel so upbeat. Thank you, Kaitlyn!

Have a wonderful day, and visit some more Bloomin' Tuesday pics at http://msgreenthumbjean.blogspot.com/


Carla said...

ooo, what a wonderful daughter you have! Enjoy:)

Anonymous said...

What a generous & sweet daughter to give you such a beautiful bouquet!

Darla said...

How sweet and thoughtful of your daughter. Beautiful bouquet too.

Kim W said...

How cute that she did that for you! What a sweetie.

Yep...that was Tommy C. in the picture w/Jenna. He was her very first "date." He's such a nice young man. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything else from anyone from the C. family. :-)

Blessings, Kim<><

ceekay said...

How sweet that she did that for you Connie. I hope all goes well for your crocuses. Can you cover them IF they do pop up early?

Jean said...

What a wonderful daughter! There is nothing like fresh flowers to brighten a day. Jean

Linda said...

What a lovely gift to receive from your daughter! It is a beautiful bouquet.

Suzanne said...

That is a beautiful bouquet! How sweet of your daughter to give it to you!

Anne Fannie said...

What a sweet and very thoughtful daughter you have to buy you flowers! Lucky you, that would brighten up anyones day!
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday

Aiyana said...

Nothing like a bouquet of flowers to lift your spirits, especially when it's from a loved one. It's a great arrangement.