Monday, February 23, 2009

For Today...

Outside my window... We have sunshine, but it's still very cold. It's only going to be in the mid-20's today. Brrrr.

I am thinking... just five more days of February, and in another month...I think winter will be pretty much over. Thankfully.

From the learning rooms... I'm trying to think of last minute things to add to the schedule to cover any bases we may have missed, or need to review in these last short months before graduation.

I am thankful for... the sunshine! It so lifts my mood and makes me feel like getting up and doing things.

From the kitchen... I'm making chicken stir-fry tonight, with some rice and LOTS of veggies.

I am wearing... My black pants, and an old, but comfy red shirt

I am reading... Clear the Clutter - an article from Organize Yourself Online. Good advice.

I am hoping... to be done with doctors for awhile, after my mammogram tomorrow.

I am creating... a clean house!!

I am hearing...dear daughter turning the pages of her American History book. You can just hear the "I can't wait til I'm done with school, I can't wait til I'm done with school." Poor child, she hasn't a clue.

Around the house... the spring cleaning bug has bitten. Last night, due to an unexpected water leak, I cleaned out under my sink. How do things get lost under the sink? I had 3, count them...three bottles of unopened dishwasher soap under there. I had no idea!

One of my favorite sitting down to peruse my new Creative Keepsakes magazine.

A few plans for the rest of the week... my mammogram tomorrow, some errands on Wednesday, hubby's heart tests on Thursday, and cleaning house for company on Friday.

Scrapbook pages of the 6x6 chipboard Petey the Dawg book - before assembling.

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Jean said...

Very nice post, Connie! The bug doesn't very often get me to do spring cleaning! The fern in my post is a picture of a fern my kids took on their vacation. Jean