Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well, it's Bloomin' Tuesday - and for many people - they really do have something bloomin'! But not here. It's still cold, and while it's due to warm up some for the next two days - it'll be back to winter after that.

So, all we can do is dream. That's exactly what we're doing, too! We have our list - ready to order. So I thought I'd show you what we're ordering and if you've had some experience with any of them - let me know what you like or don't like about them!

This is Clematis Romantique - and it is much darker than the picture shows. It is darker than Jackmani.

The is Cassis Clematis, and is a later blooming Clematis than most.

Hubby wants to try this Wisteria - specifically called Blue Moon Reblooming. We've never tried Wisteria before...I love it, just have no experience with it.

This is Heaven On Earth Floribunda Rose, and looks like an English Rose to me, though it isn't.

We were looking for a shrub for a bare spot in the bigger part of our garden - this is Ballerina Antique Shrub Rose. I love the single petals.

And finally, Green Envy Coneflower - I know, it looks yellow - but it's more a lime green. We thought it would be a great contrast to our purples and pinks. We love Coneflowers, they're so reliable!

There we go. Anybody have or know of these picks? What's your experience? I'm ready to order and anxious to plant...so don't wait too long to let us know!


Jean said...

C9onnie, Looks like some great choices! Love the lime green cone flower. Can't wait to see how they do and where you put them. Jean

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful variety of flowers. I agree with Jean, the lime green cone flower sounds wonderful -- can't wait to see it. We have clematis, and have loved it.

Dee said...

Beautiful- I hope each and everyone grows wonderfully! I am so excited for Spring to come.