Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday

Oh, it is beautiful outside. Warm, a little breezy, sunshiny...what more could you ask for? I love this weather. It doesn't love me back(allergies and sinus problems) , but I'll just have to endure it - because it's just too beautiful to pass up.

I thought I'd show you a little of what's happening in the Sheppard gardens.

My one lone daffodil is about to bloom. This poor daffodil is original to our buying the house and some time before that (23+ years!), and has never been moved. All the others have died out. Every fall I say, "Let's plant some daffodils!!" Each Spring I wait to see if my one lone daffodil will bloom one more time. One of these days.

Now I KNOW there are more hyacinths out there, but this is the only one up and starting to bloom. I think some are still hiding under the leaves. It's time to start raking off some of the leaves, I guess. The regular hyacinths are some of my favorite Spring bulbs...I'm not as crazy about the grape hyacinths which take over and leave those little green onion stalk-type leaves behind when they're done blooming.

I'm not positive , but I think this is some of our irises coming up already. It's in a circle of a lot more green coming up the same way, and the only thing I know we planted in a circle like that was irises. Isn't kind of early for them??

I had to laugh at this one. This is my raspberry patch - and the bushes look good...but see there almost in the left hand corner - the little mound of green? Those are the most tenacious, won't die, tulips I ever met. They've been mowed, hacked, moved, and there they come....no matter what.

Ok, so why the picture of the bare-naked tree? Because it's not. Look close, those are buds on that tree. Now mind you, I'm thrilled that the buds are showing up...however, it is also the cause of my burning eyes, stuffed up nose, blocked ear-drums and general yucky all over - feeling. What's an allergic gardener to do?

Behind those pretty but nuisance buds is the prettiest blue sky I've seen in weeks and weeks.
I'm enjoying it to the max. Hope you're having a good day, too!


Carla said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing your green today:)

ceekay said...

Wow, your blog is looking prettier and prettier! I love it!
And your blue sky....that is exactly the blue we see about 345 days a year! Seriously, it is truly one of the best things about AZ - its blue sky!!

playsdolls said...

Your garden is starting to grow.

Jean said...

Super Bloomin' Tuesday post! None of my stuff is up as far as yours. Won't be long! I've been doing lots of cutting back and raking. Jean

Aiyana said...

I can relate to allergies--it seems I have them all year here in Arizona as something is always blooming. I certainly don't live in a climate that can provide periods of relief.
Maybe one of these years you'll get those daffodil bulbs planted!

Darla said...

It is almost spring!! Love the stubborn Tulips.

PC said...

AHHH! Spring - thanks for sharing! Love the beauty you have chose to share. Paula from Idaho

Sugarplum Cottage said...

Love your header, makes me long for things to come in my garden. Cute plants. Hugs, Rosemarie