Saturday, April 25, 2009

A garden update

We've been working our tails off today. It's a beautiful, albeit, very warm day. We're working both in and outside the house. Kaitlyn cleaned out Petey's doghouse and surrounding area. John is weeding, getting rid of tree limbs from the windstorm late last year, mowing, mulching. I've been doing laundry, making a shopping list, dishes, cleaning the fridge, and mulching the front bed.

Then, of course, I had to take a break to go take pics of what's new in the garden. Everything is popping up, little by little...though we are sorely disappointed that a few things are quite dead. We lost a new clematis (One of the 2 Princess Diana we bought last year, 3 rock cress, another clematis we had bought the year before last, and a few other things we bought just last year). Obviously, that doesn't set well. But all that is coming up - looks good so far.

One of a few bright red tulips - but looking pretty washed out. They were early tulips.

This is my white bleeding can see a little of the old-fashioned pink behind it. They are doing beautifully on the north side of the house.

This is pulmonaria, and it looks great right now. After blooming, I don't like begins to look messy.

These are brand new this year. They were supposed to be red around the base...but as you can see...they're very yellow. That's ok, they're a beautiful yellow!

The purple tulips have been in the garden since we moved here. Originally, they were hiding behind some old evergreen bushes.

There are lots more pictures. But my time has run out for now. Isn't it great seeing some color?
Every day, I take me morning stroll to see what's new. I'll end with the picture of my hard work today. I mulched the raised bed in front of our house. (Believe, my husband has done far more work today, than I, but nothing quite as picturesque at the moment.

Have a warm, wonderful, sunshin-y day!

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