Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gardening Updates/Grad party report

Our garden is doing well, so far this season. I was please with the way it looked for the graduation party. I didn't get to participate in the Bloomin' Tuesday yesterday - but wanted to update some of the garden pictures anyway.

I love the purple Clematis. The blooms are nearly dinner plate size! It doesn't seem to be showing any sign of problems this year, though it did last year.

This Spirea bush is just beautiful I love the almost lime green foliage against the purple flowers. It is sitting just beside some blue-green lambs ears...and it's a wonderful contrast.

This rose is a single petaled rose bush...but you can see the leaves are being attacked by something. We've tried to see what's after it, but never do.

This bud was asking to be photographed. Isn't it pretty? It's not a true red, it's a little bit orange-red, and when opens, even sports a little yellow. Fantastic.

This is one of many Hardy Geraniums - which are aptly named. They truly are hardy. They keep growing and growing, we keep dividing and dividing... and giving away.

Well, Saturday was the graduation party for our dd. It went off well - in spite of some random rain showers. People came and stayed, talked and was fun. Had a couple of "unusual" guest - who were in rare form, but they didn't monopolize the evening, thank goodness. I'll put some pictures on in the next few days.

It's gloomy, rainy and cool today...but there's nothing wrong with that occasionally. The flowers need the rain.

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ceekay said...

Glad all went well. Your flowers are lovely Con....Went to radiation doctor and report was good...see oncologist next week. We will see...thanks for all the prayers.