Thursday, June 4, 2009


Graduation Party

We put the cake and cookies out in the three season room...the picture is a little dark...but you get the idea.All the food was in the kitchen up against our laundry area. There was a little overflow on the kitchen table, but most of the food fit on this borrowed 8 ft. banquet table.

DD was very emotional and was trying not to cry...she didn't succeed too well, though! DH was the MC, doing a wonderful job - as expected!

We borrowed the canopy - which worked out great. It rained a bit off and on, and people could take shelter - except for my poor niece who sat in a place that routinely unloaded the collected rain down her back. Sorry about that, kiddo!
My dear hubby and dear daughter bought me this beautiful flower arrangement for homeschooling dd all these years. It's beautiful even now!

I guess I caught her by surprise!! BF was next to her. All in all, the party was a great success, we had a great time, she got wonderful gifts, family and friends shared a neat little ceremony with us. It worked out great. Yippee!!

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Kim W said...

SO COOL!! We're graduating 'J' on the 20th - you are welcome! She didn't want the whole outdoor ceremony like we did for DD#1 (which is good b/c we CAN'T do it right now w/DH being out of work :-( ), so we're just going to the cake & ice cream bar-thing & have an open house. Starts @ 1, hope you all can come.

Blessings, Kim<><