Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update on becoming a VA!

I'm a Virtual Assistant!

Well, I'm doing it!! I am officially working as a VA.
My client works out of Canada and has clients she deals with both in Canada and the US. I believe she may even have a few clients internationally as well. So, what am I doing?

I do excel spreadsheets, Word documents, make appointments, and verify appointments. I may eventually do other things as well - but for now, this pretty much covers it. I hope to start handling her voice mail as well.

I am most enjoying the opportunity to work from home! I get up and check in around 9:00 in the morning, take a break to start a load of clothes, plan supper, then go back to work. If I need to run and errand - I can. If I get a personal phone call - I can take it. If I want to work in my nightgown (and I have), I can!!

The only problem I run into, is that I'm often asked to do things I've not done before, or at least not done a lot of. It makes it a little stressful to go figure it out when you have a time frame you're working with. However, that's the only way to get comfortable with things - by doing them!

So, you might ask - is it profitable? Are you making anything doing this? The resounding answer would be - YES!! Right now I'm making $10.00 an hour. My last job didn't pay that much per hour and I had to drive my car, take lunches, wear business-type clothes, often work mandatory over-time....etc. I am one happy camper making $10.00 from home!

How do I get paid? Well, I suppose my client could mail me a check - but that's snail mail. She pays me via PayPal - which I then transfer electronically to my bank account! Couldn't be easier. Love it!

Well, one reason I started this blog was to journal my journey into the world of home-business and technology. So, this is just a long-time coming update!

If you're interested in the field - you might want to check out Rhea Perry's VA classes online, at That's how I learned to do this.

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Happy@Home said...

Hi Connie,
I like the new look of your blog. Love the bright colors and flowers too. Your job sounds perfect. I had never heard of it before. Working from home and getting paid well sounds great!!

I wanted to thank you for your recent visit and prayers for my family. It means a lot to me.