Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anniversary Trip

We had such a nice time on our little anniversary excursion. We had a nice leisurely breakfast, just oatbran and orange juice. On our way out of town, we stopped by the bank and took out enough money to hopefully cover our dinner this evening, and our shopping adventure this morning. (Please note, I said "hopefully.")

We then proceeded to Xenia...a town southeast of here...better known to many Ohioans as the Tornado Capital of the World...but that's another story. We found an apple farm called The Apple Country Farm. It's a pleasant place with lots of fall color to enjoy.

I thought the pumpkins around the flag pole was fun, so I took a picture of it...again you'll note the gray skies! Welcome to Ohio! But it made a nice contrast for the grass and pumpkins.

It seemed like they had pumpkins all the way around the main building! Here are more pumpkins with some pretty, fall colored mums...which I dutifully resisted.

I wish I could see the gazebo lit up at night...but it was comfy, cozy looking.

This picture doesn't do these little guys justice...but I got a kick out of them. I picked one up for myself...and I'll show it to you in a bit. The turkey couples up front..the one is holding a sign that says..."eat chicken", and the couple up above them are just dressed up like country folk. I could have bought a bunch of these...but again, I practiced restraint. I'm letting you know all this up front for a reason.

I got the biggest chuckle out of these squash/gourds. I set this one up and took it's picture. This little homegrown gourd looks peculiarly like the swans in the pond near here! Isn't it cute?

Now, we went for apples. Just apples. But apple blossoms bring bees...which make honey, and after all it's apple blossom honey. That's special, we've got to try it (besides it's good for allergies). And if I'm buying the apples, I need to know what to do with an apple recipe book (old fashioned to boot), is really a necessity - right?

Plus, you just can't pass up creative little things that are truly NOT made in China! An actual household item made IN OHIO, IN THE UNITED STATES - I mean, how often do you get that opportunity?

So, remember the money that we took to cover our apples and dinner out tonight? Well, let's just say I had $7.00 left to pay for dinner tonight...guess I better count up the rest of my change in my change bottle to cover the rest. But I did practice restraint! Honest.

(Oh, ok...I forgot to mention the pie...but it was homemade!)

( lest you think we just spend without thought, please note, I save for this trip all year, every year, so we can enjoy ourselves - however, the best laid plans did get a little out of hand this time. I was hoping to spend less than I saved. Oh well, it IS what I saved it for...31 years only happens once! :-)

P.S. Good grief...I forgot to mention it, we bought apples!! 1/2 peck each of Gala, Cortland, and Honey Crisp. Monday, I'll have to get to work!


ceekay said...

Oh looks so the gazebo! Those little turkeys are precious! I would hope you would spend some money for ALL those years!! Glad you had a good ya!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day. By the way it didn't start to rain UNTIL we reached Ohio on our ride to Akron today. We drove through periods of rain so hard it was difficult to see. We didn't go to the Yankee Peddler Festival today; we're hoping for a drier day tomorrow. I like the turkey that you bought. It looks like you are well prepared to make some good tastes with all those apples that you bought.