Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall Festival: Favorite Fall Foods

I think beginning in the fall, through Christmas, is my favorite time of the year for certain foods. One is Creamed Chicken and or Turkey over biscuits. Which is what I'm making tonight.
I'm trying a different recipe this evening...but usually just use a white sauce made with a little chicken broth, add my chicken or turkey, some onion, and peas. Then I make up some Jiffy biscuits (I don't do homemade from scratch very often, because they don't turn out nearly as nice as Jiffy's mix does!), and voila...supper.

I've mentioned before that I bought pumpkin butter. That's something I look for in the fall, and not just pumpkin, but apple, pear, peach.... wonderful on whole grain bread, or on those biscuits!
I'd like to experiment and make apple butter this year. I'm getting apples this weekend.

Speaking of apples...I love making homemade apple crisp. It's lower in calories and fat than apple I make that much more frequently than pie.

Another fall favorite around here, is chili. Making it with onions and green peppers is dependent on whether or not my son is going to be around to help eat it. If he is, no veggies...poor thing just can't handle his veggies! But if he isn't around, I brown up the lean ground beef or lean ground turkey with onions and green pepper. When it's browned, I add 2 cans of diced, no salt tomatoes, 2 cans of kidney beans, chili powder, a pinch of cumin, and if I have it, some Texas seasoning from my brother and sister-in-law. Then I add a little bit of fine cornmeal to thicken it. And just to take the edge off the acidity, a pinch or two of brown sugar.

We usually serve chili with corn bread, sour cream, and low fat, shredded cheddar cheese. Yummmmm.

I would love to learn to make a real homemade pumpkin pie - I mean with fresh pumpkin. I've tried before, but it didn't set up well, at all. Got any ideas?

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