Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

It's Friday!! Yes!
One of my favorite days of the week.

In thinking back this week, I've thought of 5 things about it that were my favorites, and so I'll dig in and share them with you.

Labor Day!
A wonderful day off for my hubby. We played it low key, though we took off and drove south of here to our favorite frozen custard place on Sunday. The weather wasn't the prettiest, but it was still nice and cool. We both got some mini-projects done around the house and by the end of the day - felt quite satisfied.

Avon Calling!
Our 19 year old dd has been struggling to find work - it's just hard to come by around here. So she took the initiative to start Avon, setting up her own web store, and hoofing it around here, passing out her books. She's nervous about it, but she's got stuff to do, instead of sitting around bored. I'm happy for the moment!

I do not like canned peaches. I see no resemblance between canned peaches and a fresh peach. So we bought a half-bushel of fresh peaches when they were in, and I had peaches and cereal, peaches and yogurt, plain peaches, and peach cobbler. It's been a couple of weeks, so tonight's going to be one of my fave five's - we're doing peach cobbler or peach crisp tonight.

Petey the Dawg
He is one funny dog. DD decided to take pictures of him while he was in his dog house the other day. I'm not kidding, I actually think he likes his picture taken. He poses! He turns this way and if to say, "this is my best side"! He's hysterical.

My hubby and are read together in the evenings. Maybe not every night - but often. We've read mysteries, historical novels, Bible studies...and so on. Lately, we've been reading "The Hole in Our Gospel," and you can tell from other posts on my blog that we are being deeply affected by this book. It's written by the President of World Vision and is well worth the reading...but I've already mentioned that! Often!

Well, that's the favorite things in my life this week...what are yours?


Susanne said...

Hi Connie and welcome to Friday's Fave Five! Did you get all linked up? If you didn't I can do it for you for today.

Labor day seems to have been a relaxing day for everyone.

Good for your girl! That is pretty good initiative for one her age. I hope her little business does very well.

So cool that you and your hubby read all sorts of books together. And now you have me craving peach cobbler! :v)

Jerralea said...

Adorable pictures of Petey the Dawg. What a ham!

Your Labor Day sounds like mine, I love days like that.

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