Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vintage Scrapbook/Paper Giveaway!

I love giveaways. Look at this group of pretty things being given away Carol Anne's Boutique!

Pretty cardstock, ribbon, paper, cutouts....nice! There's even stickers and lace! Plus the Somerset in Love magazine.

If you like Vintage scrapbooking supplies like I do, this is a great giveaway...and while I'm sharing with everyone who reads this, I hope that little random selector thing selects me!
(it usually doesn't - but there's always hope :-)

I hope your Saturday has been wonderful. It's been such a pretty day here in southwest Ohio. Unfortunately, the ragweed count is still pretty high, so I spend most of my time indoors. Even indoors - my eyes are driving me crazy. I'm not a fan of winter - but I'll be glad for at least one good freeze to kill all this allergy stuff!


Anonymous said...

The ragweed is bad here in Pennsylvania too. I am fortunate in that I do not appear to be much affected by allergies. My husband, on the other hand, is bothered by allergies. He will be happy, too, when the ragweed is killed off.

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Connie, Thank you so much for leaving your lovely comment on my blog and for your sweet post about my giveaway! I'm really glad you stopped by so I could visit your fabulous blog!
I just love the photos of your adorable Petey!!
Hugs, Carol Anne