Friday, October 9, 2009

Octo-Woman alias Virtual Assistant!

Thanks to, I found a picture that describes my days these last few! A crazed look on my face, and eight arms going in all directions. But it's been fun. That's the nature of being a Virtual Assistant!

My client, Stacey Hylen, is putting together a great event for entrepreneurs, business owners, self-employed - anyone wanting to grow their business. It's called Business Optimization Week - 2009, and it's happening from October 26th through the 30th online. This is her 3rd event.

It absolutely amazes me how much it takes to put together an event like this! It's mind-boggling.

One little portion of the big picture was to send out this gift to the speakers that will be on the event. There was the letter, the wrapping, picking up the envelopes, getting a nice quality paper to print the letter on, finding out how to send international mail. Then there was the patiently filling out the form at the Post Office that they should have told me about the day before, so I could have had it already done!!

These were the little gadgets that I sent out. It's a calendar, clock and alarm, and calculator.

I've enjoyed learning how to do new things while working on this huge project. I'm finding out how to add Friends to Facebook, follow people on Twitter, I'm working on setting up a search for affiliates for Stacey's clients...and SO much more.

What's particularly good about this opportunity in my life (outside of earning some money), is learning to be a better steward of TIME! You have a set a schedule and try to stick to it. There's always the temptation to NOT do that, to sluff off, but then not only do you not have time to get things done for your client, but your own work doesn't get done.

Obviously, this week, as my regular blogging friends have noticed, I didn't have a lot of time to blog! Sorry about that. I'll be getting back to my regular blogging events ASAP.

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