Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bloomin' Tuesday at the Sheppards

Things have cooled down a bit around here. We're only in the high 50's today. It also rained a significant amount over the weekend, so you can bet - the weeds are just growing...well, like weeds!!

However, the flowers and trees are looking wonderful.

I can never remember the name of this - is it Euphorbia? I don't know. All I know is, last year they were nice rounded mounds - and this year they've grown like crazy! They need a haircut.

This is a rather tall sprout of Vinca...which took over our other ground cover. It grows under, over, and in between anything you plant...so be careful!

This is just a picture of the arbor and some of the things coming up in our "south" garden. Doesn't that sound so formal? Well, so much for neat, formal gardens here - the weeds have almost as much room in our garden as the plants do! However, I love our picket fence and the the climbing roses beginning to fill out on the arbor.

Our shed is finally complete. We need to maybe landscape around it, put in a flowerbox under the window...but it still is such a nice addition to the yard...and an absolutely wonderful organizational tool! My hubby loves it.

I love the bright yellow goldfinches. All winter long, they look rather drab...but come Spring - they boast those brand new, bright yellow feathers. You can also see the hosta growing out around our trees in the front. There should be more than there are, currently. I think our little sneaky squirrels may have uprooted several this past winter. Nice going, guys.

Well, that's what's up in the Sheppard Garden...what's happening in your garden? Check out MsGreen"thumb"Jean for more garden updates and to post your own!


Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,
I like your south garden. The arbor and white picket fence are very nice. I like your green shed too. We have a shed in our back yard as well. If you have been following my blog posts, you might have seen it. We've had the shed 10 years, I think. It was built by the Amish. We really like the additional storage space!

Jean said...

The arbor and fence look great, I can't wait to see them covered in blooms! Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

Paula said...

OOohhh! Love all your green! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pix of your yard and garden are's.
Paula from Idaho

Meg said...

Hi Connie, yes I did get snow last night but the temps didn't get below 30 so the damage was minimal. Posted a couple of pics so all would believe. Your gardens are beautiful, I love sheds, and arbors, and fences in the garden and of course anything green is always welcome. blessings meg

Anonymous said...

That first photo looks like Barberry or Berberis to me. I love your new shed, it is an adorable addition to your yard. :)