Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday: For the Love of Petey

Petey the Dawg

(Yes, he's just a dog. But God made him...and we're thankful for him. So here's my Thankful Thursday blog.)

You turned 15 this last February! You're an old geezer, if there ever was one!
You're also the most mellow, sweet-natured, gentle dogs I've ever known.

Over the years, you've been our friend, our companion, our shadow, our nuisance, our pest, our entertainment, our worry, and our expense.

I remember the day my son, and a neighbor boy, went toolin' around town looking at garage sales. He called me from the grocery store and asked, "Can I show you a puppy?" He'd been bugging us for months for a dog. I mentioned we weren't set up for a dog, dad might not want to get a dog, we didn't have a dog house, there wasn't any dog food, what do you know about the dog, where'd he come know, the standard parent "how can I avoid this decision" conversation. But, he begged and begged to just SHOW me the puppy. He brought him to the front door...Oh, dear. How could you not love that face? Dad was consulted, and the deed was done. Petey came home to live with us.

We didn't have a camera back then, so I have no pictures of that little puppy. Think little tiny baby, and you can imagine the tug on the heart!

You know the teen years. It's pretty easy to forget the responsibility of walking the dog you wanted so bad. But when teenage angst sets in, who did the 6'4" football player seek out? The dog. Many a time, you could tell the big guy was close to tears - but would find comfort in a small dog.

It was hard to believe how a little 5 year old gal could play so rough - but Petey hung in there. He put up with it, and loves her still. He's been her anytime friend, there for her when so many others weren't. He accepts her for who she is while so many don't. That's the thing about dogs - loyal as can be, forgiving, and totally accepting.

But all hasn't been easy street. First you developed allergies to fleas. Not just that fleas bothered you like every dog...but you were actually allergic to their bite! It's pretty bad when you have to go on Benadryl!

We found out you have seizures...and they put you on phenobarbitol. Our dog, the druggie.

Then, you developed allergies to regular dog food! Aw, now come on...really?? So we buy the more expensive lamb and rice. Some improvement, but not then we try fish and sweet potato - and that seems to do the trick. Of course...not just any fish and sweet potato - but doctor prescribed fish and potato.

You recently developed tumors - they had to be removed. Then last, but not least, this whatever it is that makes you unable to get your hind feet up behind you, that makes you shake uncontrollably - more than the usual, that makes you walk like you've tied one on. It happened last summer, and while you got a lot of relief from some horrible-smelling "liver" pills - the doctor wasn't convinced that you aren't dealing with liver cancer.

But you've given us a wonderful year! It was like you'd been rejuvenated. Like you were a puppy once again.

Then last started all over again. Even though you've been getting those expensive, nasty "liver" chews - it's happening anyway.

What to do, what to do. Who knows? After what we thought was your last night - you were up with the robins...barking and slowly trotting around the back yard! What's up with that?
So for now, we'll just keep enjoying you...and leave the outcome up to God. If He can take care of sparrows - I know He can sure take care of you.

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Denise said...

Praying for Petey.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Don't you make me cry. Precious baby...I hope he gets through this and perks up for another year!

Marmee's Pantry said...

You know...It's just not right for you to make me cry like this! '-) What a great story, great memories...great puppy!! We lost our Hickory, at age 10, 2 yrs ago to liver cancer. The day before Jasper's b-day, we had to put him down.

As much as we love our little Maggie, something still reminds me of Hickory everyday.

My heart goes out to all of you.

Blessings, Kim<><