Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blooming Tuesday

I haven't had a chance to get out there much these last two weeks. The 'ol knee decided to act up, and really dislikes the somewhat uneven ground in our backyard.

But I've managed to get my apprentice garden photographer (my dd) out there a couple of times. She photographed the following:

Other than the kazillions of grape hyacinth that grow everywhere but where I wanted them, this one lone violet hyacinth pops up faithfully every year. It was here when we bought the house! That's been 25 years! I do want to get some more - I'd love a whole drift of them along the side of the house.

This is some of our very few daffodils. I love daffodils - so why haven't we got more?????

These are some other plants that have been around forever. I know WE never planted these Tulips - but they now faithfully come up every year in the middle of our raspberry bed!

My husband and I decided to experiment with these geraniums. They're from last year. They were so pretty all summer long and into the fall - they were still blooming in November! So we just pulled the pots into the three season room, kept them watered all winter - and they kept on blooming! Last week we freshened the soil, cut back the dead blooms - watered them, and put them back outside - and they're growing and blooming like crazy. Who knew?

And finally, our Petey-pooch - a month or so past his 15th birthday! He loves Spring. He thinks he's still a puppy...at least until nap time. Puppy time lasts about 5 minutes, nap times are anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour - several times a day! He sure loves lazing around on that nice soft, green grass.

Stop by MsGreen"thumb"Jean and see other posts for Bloomin' Tuesday - and share your pics with us, too!


Anonymous said...

I like your blooms; your geraniums are very pretty. Petey does look happy sitting on the lawn.

Jean said...

Sorry about your knee, good excuse not to weed! Every spring I wonder why I don't plant more bulbs. Great photos! Jean

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Connie
Love all your surprise blooms and your cute doggie!
Happy Blooming Tuesday,

Marmee's Pantry said...

To quote Bambi: "Purdy. Purdy flowers!" '-)

Blessings, Kim<><